The importance of introducing your children to a dentist in Ipswich


There is nothing more precious to anyone’s life than their children, every parent would agree with this statement and while at times our children will annoy us and drive us mad we will always have their best interests at heart in every way. We all want the children that are in our care to grow up to be healthy and well-rounded adults, this leads us to do everything we can to encourage them to do the things they need to do to enjoy a full and fulfilled life.

One of the things that many parents are concerned about when it comes to children is their oral health. You will have spent a lot of time ensuring that your children clean their teeth twice a day as recommended by dental professionals.

You will teach your children that they need to clean their teeth by brushing them with toothpaste once in the morning, after eating their breakfast, and once in the evening, before going to sleep. Teaching your children to make cleaning their teeth a regular part of their daily life will help them to avoid common dental issues, such as tooth decay and gum disease, as well as any oral pain or discomfort.

At Ipswich Dental Surgery we want to encourage parents to introduce their children to a dentist in Ipswich from an early age as doing so gives them access to the support they may need to ensure they have high standards within their oral health and hygiene standards throughout their lives. We would also like to point out that research has shown that when a child is started at a dental practice at an early age they are more likely to develop good oral health that they maintain well into adulthood.

Helping a child to engage

We know that when you first bring your child to visit the dentist in Ipswich they may find it to be a strange place and maybe a little afraid, this is due to a lack of understanding because they are being introduced to a new place with strange people and concepts. This makes the first task to be to help your child or children to understand that this is a good place with good people that just want to help them to look after their teeth, to do this we may enlist the help of mum and dad.

One way that we can help a child not to fear the dental chair is to allow them to watch mum or dad while they undergo an oral health check-up, as this will allow them to see that their parents trust the special doctors to look after their teeth. Children often want to copy the things their parents do as they want to emulate their parents as they learn about the world around them while growing up, so we advise parents to use this knowledge to help their children to engage with a dental practice and good oral health techniques.

Starting young

For any parent asking how old their child should be when they first visit a dentist in Ipswich we would recommend that they first visit around the age of five or six, if you have any doubts you can always ring the practice to gain more advice.

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