Invisible dental braces

Another great solution for teeth straightening is Quick Straight Teeth. This solution is great for people who want their straight teeth but yearn for flexibility over the “wired” braces.

As it works on the first 6 teeth only, the treatment time is quick, often as little as 18 weeks to achieve a beautiful smile with straight teeth. This treatment is mostly recommended when dealing with widely spaced and misaligned teeth, and delivers results in as little as 4 months.

We recommend Quick Straight Teeth as an option when the jaw is fundamentally correct and it’s only the front 6 teeth that need straightening.

The treatment usually lasts for four to nine months; however, treatment time can vary from case to case.

When you choose Ipswich Dental Surgery for teeth straightening in Ipswich, we offer the below as standard with our cosmetic clear braces for adults:

Free consultation

Quick Straight Teeth dental braces

Dental retainers (fixed or removable)

Quick Straight Teeth aftercare

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