Nervous about a visit to the dentist? Don’t worry, we are here to help!

We now offer sedation services for our patients in Ipswich.

A trip to the dentist can induce fear and anxiety for many people – in fact it is estimated that half of the UK population has a fear of visiting the dentist.

Some have such a phobia of dentistry that their oral health suffers due to not visiting the dentist. Delaying a visit to the dentist often leads to problems with gums and tooth-loss – problems that often require extensive treatment.

What we do for nervous patients:

We understand that not everyone is the same and our patients have different fears of dentistry. All our dentists are fully trained in calming-techniques and ensure your visit is anxiety free by:

  • Never judging you or your teeth
  • Offering a chat with the dentist in a non-clinical environment to understand your fears
  • Offering longer appointments at the start of the day so you don’t feel anxious all day about the treatment
  • Providing music, Netflix and Amazon Prime so you can watch your favourite moves or listen to soothing music
  • Offering sedation services

We offer two types of sedation:

Inhaled minimal sedation – A combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen (breathed via a mask). This sedation tends to wear off quickly and is the only sedation where you may be able to leave the surgery unaccompanied and travel home on your own.

Oral Sedation – Ranges from minimal to moderation sedation. Taken an hour before the treatment, it’ll make you drowsy but still awake. A gentle nudge is enough to awake you.

All dental procedures can be performed with dental sedation, from basic treatments such as a scale and polish, up to more complex treatments including advanced periodontal (gum) treatments, fillings, veneers, crowns and dental implants.

Contact us to arrange an initial consultation. When you visit our practice, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your fears and concerns in person, get many of your questions about dental sedation answered, and we will assess your suitability for dental sedation.

Should you meet the following criteria, the answer may be yes:

  • You’re nervous about visiting the dentist
  • You have had previous traumatic experiences with dentists or dental treatments
  • You have difficulty becoming numb and are anxious about pain
  • You have severe gag reflex
  • You have difficulty controlling movements, for example those with Parkinson’s Disease or Cerebral Palsy
  • You have phobia of injections.

Dental sedation is completely safe and can help to calm and relax you. It can also reduce the fatigue associated with comprehensive dental treatments which can require longer visits.

It may be the answer if you are reluctant to change the appearance of your smile because you are afraid or anxious about undergoing long or complicated dental procedures while totally awake.

If you are a nervous patient or are interested in dental sedation, give our friendly team a call on 

01473 253870 or Get in touch using the button below.

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