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Private check-up

Regular six monthly oral examinations are fundamental to excellent dental health. Some low risk patients with no cavities should still be visiting their dentist at least once every 12 months. These check-ups should be complemented with optimal hygiene at home and with our hygienist in the practice.

At Ipswich Dental Surgery, our experienced dentist with advanced skills approaches each assessment to tailor to your individual needs. You can also choose from preferential times – early mornings, late evenings or weekends. That means no need to miss school or work!

Full Oral Exam

Examination of teeth, gums and mouth and searching for signs of oral cancer.

Full Intra Oral Exam

Looking for decay signs and broken or worn teeth.

Bespoke Treatment Plan

Bespoke to you and based on your lifestyle, your dentist will provide you advice on diet and ways to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy.

2 X-Rays

Additional X-Rays available at cost of £5.

As per NHS contract, we are restricted to deliver a set number of treatments and see only a certain number of patients every year. So when we are unable to take anymore NHS patients, our private check-ups allows patients to be seen.

It also enables you to fit in your appointments around your lifestyle – meaning you never have to miss work or school. Are check-ups important?
Yes, we recommend 6 monthly check-ups with optimal oral hygiene at home.

In our experience, a full oral examination is important as it allows us to assess your dental health and screen for oral cancer. Without a check-up; we won’t be able to diagnose a treatment plan.

You will be welcomed in to the practice by our helpful staff, followed by an introduction to your dentist. You will have dedicated time to raise any concerns about your oral health with the dentist. Upon a thorough check-up, your dentist will show you the digital images of your mouth on a big LCD screen and discuss a treatment plan, if there is a need for further treatment.

The dentist will take digital x-rays with your permission to check in between the teeth for any hidden decay. (S)he may also take a few photographs of your teeth with a camera. Your check-up includes 2 digital x-rays. You will then be asked to look at the screen in front of you and will be talked through your x-rays and photographs.

You may be asked some questions and be asked for your opinion. This is the opportunity for your dentist to give you a thorough breakdown of what is going on in your mouth.

We pride ourselves on ethical and transparent pricing, that’s why we carry a Best Available price for all our treatments. 

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