Loose dentures? Problems eating or speaking? Gum Sores? Find out more about implant retained dentures.

When a set of dentures is secured/retained with strategically placed implants, the procedure is known as implant retained denture.
In the past, losing all/multiple teeth meant a set of dentures. Full arch implants are a great option but tend to be the most expensive implant treatments.

For an affordable and effective option, why not consider an implant retained denture? Generally, up to 50% cheaper than full mouth implants, it’s a significant step-up from dentures without the expensive nature of full arch restorations.

As you would with your natural teeth, you can carry on cleaning the implant dentures as usual, once your dentist has fixed the dentures on your implants. Another added benefit to this is that you can enjoy eating all your favourite foods, even corn-on-the-cob!

What are the steps involved in implant dentures?

The regular denture can not be used in this treatment for the long term. Conventional dentures are made to sit on the gums and are too delicate to be supported by implants.

The actual treatment time or in-chair time is less than 3 hours spread over four appointments; however, the integration of implants with jawbone can take anywhere between 3-6 months, depending on individual cases. It is worth noting that at no stage we leave you with gaps in the mouth. We provide a set of temporary teeth, or you can use your existing dentures during the integration period.

Required number of implants is directly dependent on factors such as:
1) which jaw is being treated
2) eating, drinking and smoking habits
3) density of jawbone

As an indication, the upper jaw would require a minimum of 4 implants, whereas a lower jaw may only need 2 implants.

Our implant retained dentures start form £4800. The price varies depending on each case. For enquiries, please call 01473 253870.

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