The benefits of dental implants in Ipswich


Losing a tooth or several teeth is never a pleasant experience for anyone to have to live through, as it is often a painful and messy incident to endure. If you have suffered tooth loss then you will know that it can leave a permanent impact on your mouth that may lead you to make minor changes to the ways you use it. This may lead to you avoiding tougher foods or hot liquids and if you have lost teeth at the front of your mouth you may try to avoid smiling in order to steer away from any embarrassment you could be exposed to.

Maybe you are missing the tooth or teeth you have lost or feel that by replacing your missing teeth you will be able to use your mouth in a way that feels more natural again. This way of thinking may lead you to investigate dental devices that are designed to treat tooth loss, however, these devices may not provide you with the perfect solution for the replacement of your teeth.

At Ipswich Dental Surgery, we can provide our patients with a durable and fixed-in-place restoration for lost teeth through the use of dental implants in Ipswich. They will give you new teeth that will feel perfectly natural once situated in your mouth.

To be used like your natural teeth

Should you decide to undergo treatment to receive dental implants in Ipswich then we are sure that you will find that they really are the perfect replacement for your lost teeth, as they are hard-wearing enough to cope with the rigours and hazards that your teeth are exposed to throughout daily use.

With the correct care, your new teeth should last you an entire lifetime, this care can prove simple for you to provide, by brushing your teeth twice a day as recommended by all dental professionals.

Once you have had your tooth replacement treatment you will be able to use your mouth in a perfectly normal way once again. This means you may find yourself no longer avoiding the foods you had once perceived as too difficult for you to consume comfortably. So the steak you may have enjoyed in the past can now be back on the menu for you.

For those who are replacing teeth at the front of the mouth, this treatment may be a beneficial way for them to regain their smiles. This will then help to boost their self-esteem and make them appear as a friendly and approachable person to others around them, helping them socialise in a way they are comfortable with.

The replacement tooth

The replacement process begins by our dentist inserting a titanium screw into your jawbone, this helps to create a strong base for your new tooth to sit on. Your new tooth will be created using a hard-wearing ceramic material that is shaped and coloured to match your existing teeth, allowing it to blend in with any of your original teeth that are surrounding it.

A great solution

Over the last few years, more and more patients who have suffered tooth loss have been treated with dental implants in Ipswich, with no regrets about their choice of treatment and reporting back about being happy with the results. We really believe that this is a tooth lost solution that is worth your consideration.