Composite bonding has experienced a real surge in demand lately and is now the most popular cosmetic dental treatment our patients ask for.

While a perfect smile is high on the list, so is the need to protect the teeth and avoid unnecessary procedures. That is where composite bonding, also known as dental bonding ticks all the boxes. It is akin to white fillings and is mostly used on anterior teeth – the ones that show when you smile.

Transform your smile with composite bonding at Ipswich Dental Surgery.

Composite bonding is a very versatile treatment. It involves applying a thin film of adhesive resin material to the tooth structure. It is then further sculpted around the tooth to complete the treatment.

We carefully chose the colour of resin material from a shade-card, to match it to your natural tooth. The material is then slowly sculpted around the tooth, hardened and finally polished.

Our cosmetic dentists offer this procedure to patients who are considering a smile makeover. Apart from being a much less invasive treatment, its versatility defines it as a great alternative to veneers. Treatment is completed in a single visit, frequently without anaesthesia, and involves no loss of natural tooth enamel.

Composite Bonding involves 4 simple steps and is completed in one single appointment.

  1. Shade Matching – Resin material matching your natural tooth colour is identified
  2. Without sacrificing any tooth surface, the resin is applied to your teeth
  3. Our highly skilled dentist then gives shape to the resin to address any chipped teeth or gaps between the front teeth
  4. The resin is then allowed to set leaving you with a smile that is entirely natural and without any tooth surface loss

For us, the clear benefits are its ability to :

  • Repair minor chips and cracks in a tooth.
  • Repair tooth wear
  • Get rid of yellow teeth
  • Close gaps between teeth and get rid of black triangles
  • Deliver painless treatment
  • Be completed in a single visit
  • Be at least 50% cheaper than veneers

If you are considering veneers, we also offer composite veneers which are a much more affordable option.

The slight drawback to tooth bonding is that it can stain easily; nevertheless, six-monthly hygienist visits will keep your bonding polished for several years. Our dentists also refresh composite bonding so ask us more about it on your next visit.

Yes, chipped teeth can be repaired by applying and sculpting tooth coloured resin. It can be done on a single tooth or on multiple teeth. It is essential to see your dentist for a chipped tooth as it will not heal on its own, and you should not try fixing it at home.

It is the safest and most affordable way to fix the gap between your teeth. We use a tooth coloured material (resin) to shape and sculpt around your tooth and bond it to close the gap between your teeth.

We almost always recommend composite bonding to people having Invisalign® to overcome any blemishes on their teeth and to shape their teeth after teeth straightening.

Composite bonding lasts as least 5 years, but does not last as long as veneers. However, the cost effectiveness of this treatment and the fact that it can be re-done without damaging teeth makes it a very popular option.

No, on its own it does not hurt. Generally, the area of the tooth that is being worked upon is not sensitive so you won’t feel any pain.

Case selection is crucial for composite bonding. Our Private dentist will carry out a thorough examination of your oral health and eating habits before recommending any treatment. With that said, generally, anybody with a reasonably good oral health can benefit from composite bonding. If you are looking to get rid of some imperfections in teeth like small chips, slight changes to the shape of your teeth or discolouration, then composite bonding may be the correct treatment for you.

This treatment is generally not available on NHS as it’s a cosmetic treatment. It’s best to ask our private dentist as they offer cosmetic composite bonding from £300 per tooth.

If you are are interested in composite bonding, give our friendly team a call on 

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