Clear braces in Ipswich, Suffolk - invisible orthodontic solution

Designed to deliver incredible results discreetly, clear braces (also called invisible braces) is another orthodontic option trusted by Ipswich Dental Surgery. A perfect solution to front teeth that are either sticking out or tilted backwards, along with slight crowding of teeth. These clear braces are custom made to the shape of your teeth and fit snugly like a gum shield – with no discomfort or rubbing from metal or braces.

Using precise impressions of your teeth, bespoke clear aligners will slowly guide the teeth into position, giving you a perfectly straight smile in as little as 6 months.

We will set out the approximate treatment time before you commence treatment.

A medical grade plastic is used to make the comfortable and virtually invisible aligners, which are worn by the patient for two weeks at a time. Your dentist will conduct regular monitoring to ensure the movements are happening as planned.

Why choose us for invisible orthodontic treatment?

  • Complimentary consultation (£50 deposit, refunded after meeting)
  • All aligners & retainer included in treatment
  • Affordable prices, 0% interest
  • Google 5 Star rated – 100+ Google Reviews
  • Flexible appointments – early and late, lunchtime, Saturday appointments

It is a short term orthodontic treatment which uses a series of clear braces to treat 4-6 teeth – generally used for straightening front teeth only.

Using a series of aligners, which are worn over the top or bottom teeth, a gentle, precise pressure is applied to move teeth into position. Each aligner is worn for two weeks, before using a new set of aligners, until your treatment is complete.

This orthodontic solution can take up to six months to straighten teeth, although, from our experience most cases complete within eight weeks.

If you are looking to straighten 4-6 teeth, then this may be the treatment for you. This system may not be suitable for everyone. You can book a free consultation with us to explore if this is the right treatment type for you.

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