Family check-ups

We have a firm belief in the adage, “prevention is better than cure.” That’s what we aim to teach our young patients. Our team includes oral health educators who work hard to ensure that children become used to a dental environment, so they don’t find it a daunting experience at a later stage. All our clinicians aim to build a strong, trustworthy relationship with our younger patients and provide them with the best dental care and advice.

We encourage parents to bring their child for the first examination when the child turns one. This first visit is about getting the child familiarised with the environment and educating parents about how to look after their child’s oral health.

Regular 6 monthly visits from after that ensures that your dentist can identify any potential problems such as bottle carries, frenum issues and give tips on mouth cleaning, teething and finger-sucking habits.


We pride ourselves on being the leading family dentist in Ipswich and have fourth generation patients coming to the practice – a true testament to our expertise in providing family dentistry.

When your child turns 7, we conduct an orthodontic assessment to ensure the jaw growth is healthy. This assessment is different from braces, which are typically done when a child becomes a teenager.

NHS check-ups are free, and during the check-up, we coach children on developing good dental habits and how to take care of their teeth.


For patients who are on our Membership plan, we offer a free membership for their children.


To book an appointment for your child’s dental examination in Ipswich, please get in touch with our team on 01473 253807.

To book a family check-up, give our friendly team a call on 

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