No longer do you need to worry about missing teeth, as dental implants provide the perfect long lasting solution to restore the gaps, whatever your age.

Our experienced, qualified implant dentist, Katie Blake has many years of experience helping our patients and will be able to provide you with the highest quality of service tailored to your needs.

We offer many different options, including single tooth implants, implant bridges to replace multiple teeth and implant retained dentures. For some patients, we can even place implants with temporary teeth on the same day.

We use Noble Bio-Care implants and all our implants are fully traceable. 

Head over to our surgery in Berners Street, Ipswich and see our Implantologist for a consultation.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a very effective way of replacing missing teeth; they act as a replacement for the root section of the tooth. Precision engineered from a Titanium-based material, dental implants are shaped like screws which are implanted directly in the jawbone. Once healed, the implants provide a strong foundation for the artificial tooth or bridge, which is then attached to the top of the implant. 

When compared to other teeth replacement options, implants are the closest to your original teeth as they provide a more natural feel and function since they fuse to the jaw. You can carry on eating, brushing, and sleeping without having to remove any false teeth as the implants are securely attached to your mouth. 

You can even roll back the years with implants. As you lose your natural teeth, the jawbone underneath also absorbs away, causing the face to show a ‘sunken’ effect. Deep creases and wrinkles can start appearing around the mouth or lips and folds often begin to develop. Unlike dentures, implants can reduce this bone loss as well as help to build back and restore the natural appearance of your face.

To ensure the quality and safety of the implants procedure, we only use premium implants by Noble Biocare, the company who introduced the first commercial dental implant. Working with this well established, internationally renowned company allows Katie to choose the right dental implant for each patient, ultimately providing the best result possible. All the dental implants used by us can be tracked and traced to ensure your treatment is completed using only premium products. We provide every patient with details of their implant details for future reference. 

Implant Journey

Typically, any adult with a missing tooth or teeth can consider dental implants; however, several conditions may mean dental implants are not an option for a patient. 

If you are not a suitable candidate for dental implants, our dentist will offer the best available treatment options for you.

Our implant dentist, Katie, has done additional training on bone grafting and other techniques to help patients who may have previously been told dental implants are not possible. This includes the All-on-4™ technique, which can help patients who have been missing all of their teeth for years. 

At Ipswich Dental Surgery, we aim to provide a quality, long term reliable and beautiful result. Unfortunately, sometimes this can take some time, but it is worth it to get the best result in the long term. The duration of treatment varies for each case, however, a typical implant treatment can take 3-4 months. A small time investment when you think of the long-lasting smile you will have at the end.

Cost of dental implants depends on whether you are looking for a single tooth implant, implant denture or looking to replace several missing teeth. 

Single tooth implant – single dental implants can cost as little as £2,350

Multiple implants – Multiple dental implants costs can cost from £14,995. For detailed pricing, please have a look at our price list.

Following your consultation, you will be given a full breakdown of your treatment options, including costs, our treatment plans are bespoke to you and are all inclusive. Meaning there are no hidden costs. 

It would be misleading of us to suggest that they are a permanent solution. At best, implants are a semi-permanent solution which the current scientific evidence suggests can last up to 20 years if looked after well. You can prolong their life with regular 6 monthly dental and hygiene appointments to protect your investment. 

Some discomfort during healing after surgery is inevitable; however, most patients tell us this is not as bad as they expected. The simple answer is they are less painful than toothache associated with tooth decay or poor oral health! For nervous patients, we can provide sedation upon request to provide that extra comfort during treatment.

Dental implants have become the preferred treatment among patients who suffer from tooth loss. We work with highly skilled UK based dental technicians who ensure that your customised tooth or teeth are precisely as you want them to look. If done correctly, implants are not noticeable, even to you.

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