I’m Too Scared To Go To The Dentist In Ipswich – What Should I do?


Dental fear or phobia is actually really common; in fact, it’s so common that there are dental practices purely designed to cope with patients who have serious levels of phobia. We at Ipswich Dental Surgery want to reassure all our patients that with us they are in excellent hands and that we pride ourselves on being an open, honest and friendly practice that puts the needs of our patients first. That being said, we understand that just reassurance isn’t enough; therefore, we want to break down what options are available to those living in fear of dentists and explain how they could potentially help you or a loved one.

Phobia and Fear

Before we set out assisting in fear guidelines, we feel it’s important that we truly help you tap into exactly what it is that you’re feeling. Is it fear? Or is it a phobia? Because the two are different, and as such, they involve different treatment plans. Fear is when you are anxious and concerned about something; it might make you feel uneasy or sick and cause you to avoid taking part in that activity. A phobia tends to be more serious and complex to treat. With a phobia, you are more likely to have full-body physical reactions at the thought of doing the ‘thing’ and could find yourself experiencing anxiety and panic attacks.

If you think you are experiencing more of an issue with a phobia, then the following information doesn’t really apply to you, and we recommend that you get in contact with us at Ipswich Dental Surgery where our dentist in Ipswich will be able to assist you. You could also contact your GP, who could offer you more advice on the best ways of tackling a phobia.

Take Your Time

Unless you are experiencing serious pain or emergency signs, then steps to find calmness around the idea of visiting a dentist should be taken slowly. There’s no rush. First, come and meet us at the clinic where we can give you a tour, perhaps introduce you to our dentist in Ipswich and just make you more at ease ahead of your dental appointment.

Think About Why

When we take steps toward moving away from anxiety, it’s really helpful to name the root of the fear. For instance, if you know that you don’t like dentists because your mother didn’t, it can be helpful and therapeutic to say that out loud. Of course, it’s important to be safe, so when you do this, we would always recommend being with someone you trust for support; however, sometimes just naming the ‘thing’ takes power from it.

Do What Makes You Comfortable

Ours is a happy practice with an open heart and mind, and we welcome you to bring whoever or whatever you need along to an appointment to make you comfortable. If you need to bring your big brother, do so. If you need to bring your old cuddly toy, that’s okay too. Headphones, eye masks, the floor is yours, and our dentist in Ipswich will always be here to support you.

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