Giving you back your teeth with dental implants in Ipswich


We all know about the need to take care of our teeth. As adults, we recognise that we only have one set of teeth to last the rest of our lives, and we need to take very good care of them. However, tooth loss is sometimes completely unavoidable as none of us plans to be involved in an accident that can lead to the sudden loss of a tooth, and contrary to popular belief, this is the biggest cause of sudden and unwanted tooth loss.

If you have suffered tooth loss, you may have found yourself investigating devices, such as bridges or dentures, only to find that while these solutions are adequate, they do come with their own challenges and do not offer a permanent fixed-in-place resolution to your tooth loss.

At Ipswich Dental Surgery, we understand that patients who have suffered tooth loss are looking for a one-time solution that feels natural and is permanently fixed into place within the area of the loss. For this reason, we believe that dental implants in Ipswich may offer our patients the tooth loss solution they are looking for.

Resolving common tooth loss issues

Many people who lose one or more teeth often make small changes in the way they use their mouths, as some of the things they once did with their mouths may become uncomfortable to them. One type of change someone may make is their eating habits in order to avoid tougher foods such as steak or nuts.

After you lose a tooth or some teeth, you will find that you are using your jawbone and gums to carry out the role of the lost teeth; this can make biting and chewing food extremely difficult and uncomfortable. By replacing the lost teeth with dental implants in Ipswich, you will have new teeth that are capable of ripping and chewing the toughest of foods, making eating the food you enjoy a pleasurable experience once again.

If you have suffered a loss at the front of your mouth, you may decide to avoid smiling, even at the happiest of times, but this can make you appear to be an unfriendly and unapproachable person when the opposite might be true. By replacing these teeth, you will be able to regain your smile and appear to be your natural self again.

The treatment

First, a titanium screw will be inserted in your jawbone to form a strong and stable base for your new tooth to sit upon, as the top of the screw will be accessible just above the flesh of the gums. Your new tooth will be made from a strong ceramic material that is shaped and coloured to allow it to blend in with any teeth surrounding it; this allows your new tooth to appear as natural as possible.

Regain your teeth

Dental implants in Ipswich really do represent a great tooth replacement treatment, and we would advise all patients that have suffered tooth loss to consider this treatment when they are looking to regain their lost teeth.

Here at Ipswich Dental Surgery, our mission is simple – we want to be the most admired dental surgery in Ipswich.

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