Feel empowered and renew your confidence levels with dental implants in Ipswich


Here at Ipswich Dental Surgery, we want our patients to be happy and healthy. If you’re feeling self-conscious about having missing teeth or are experiencing loose dentures we recommend considering having dental implants in Ipswich to serve as a natural looking solution.

Visit our modern dental practice and our highly qualified implant dentist Katie Blake will be able to assist. She has several years’ experience in offering quality dental care and will be able to assess whether you are a suitable candidate for dental implants in Ipswich.

Should you be a viable candidate the next step of the process would be to determine your smile goals and to provide a bespoke treatment plan.

We want you to be able to live your life to the fullest without any hesitation or stress that may be caused by having missing or loose teeth. Dental implants in Ipswich are a great way to restore your smile with natural looking results.

If you feel like your current dentures are holding you back we suggest it’s time to consider having dental implants to improve your quality of life.

We offer single tooth implants and multiple teeth solutions for patients

Here at Ipswich Dental Surgery, we provide patients with a diverse range of treatment options, from single tooth dental implants to more complex solutions such as multiple teeth dental implant solutions, crowns, and bridges.

We use Noble Bio-Care dental implants which have gained popularity thanks to their incredible results.

Restore your ability to communicate freely and confidently

One of the main advantages of having dental implant surgery is that it will help with the pronunciation of certain words and phrases. Some patients may experience difficulty in communicating clearly due to missing teeth and this could impact your speech. Not only can it make it difficult to be understood, but it may negatively impact your confidence levels as a result. A dental implant functions in the same way as your natural teeth and will act as a replacement tooth during speech too, so that you are able to clearly formulate your words and be understood.

Smile broadly and confidently with the help of dental implants

Are you feeling too self-conscious to smile in front of your work colleagues or family members? Perhaps the gap in your teeth is holding you back from socialising with friends? Dental implants are a great way to restore your smile so that you can feel confident once more.

Enjoy natural looking implants that are barely visible to the naked eye

Did you know that thanks to incredible advances in technology we are able to offer natural looking dental implants that look and function in the same way as your original teeth? They offer a discreet solution to missing teeth and can even be created to match the shade and shape of your remaining teeth.

No need to worry about experiencing levels of discomfort or pain

If you feel anxious about the prospect of having dental implant surgery the good news is that this dental solution results in minimal pain and discomfort. Should you encounter any symptoms following the dental implant surgery we recommend regular painkillers that can be purchased over the counter at your local pharmacy.

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