Enjoy life as it should be with dental implants


Live your life to the fullest with the help of dental implants in Ipswich. Here at Ipswich Dental Surgery, we want our patients to have the freedom to enjoy an active social life and to engage with family and friends without hesitation or fear.

If you feel like your current dentures are holding you back perhaps it’s time to consider having dental implants in Ipswich for a life-changing treatment option.

Our highly qualified implant dentist, Katie Blake will ensure you are in safe hands. Your care is her utmost priority, and she has several years’ experience in helping patients with all their dental care needs.

Choose from a variety of treatment options to suit your needs, from single tooth implants and multiple teeth solutions to implant retained dentures.

At our surgery we use Noble Bio-Care dental implants in Ipswich and would love to have a consultation with you to see how we can best be of assistance.

Feel empowered with the ability to smile and talk freely

If having a gap in your teeth is making you feel self-conscious or holding you back from smiling and laughing with your family members, dental implants may be a great solution for you. Not only are they natural looking, but they offer no discomfort or pain. Enjoy a smile you can feel confident with thanks to the incredible benefits of dental implants.

Another great advantage to having a dental implant is the effect it can have on your speech and pronunciation of words. Dental implants aid in effectively being able to pronounce certain words and any gaps in your teeth or loose dentures may hinder your abilities. Did you know that your tongue actually works with your teeth in order to form certain sounds and it helps to provide structure so that you can communicate clearly? Enjoy freedom of speech and the confidence to engage with family and friends while restoring your ability to communicate effectively.

Dental implants are able to mimic your natural teeth in both function and appearance

If you’re looking to find a natural-looking replacement for your loose or missing teeth, dental implants are an ideal treatment choice to consider.

Not only are implants discreet, but they appear so natural looking that they can be mistaken for your real teeth. Today, thanks to modern technology and the expertise of our qualified staff at Ipswich Dental Surgery, your implants can also be colour-matched to the same shade of your natural teeth for a flawless result.

The dental practitioner at our practice is able to match the shade and size of your implant to the shape and size of your existing teeth to produce natural-looking implants that blend in harmoniously, restoring your mouth function to optimum levels.

Dental implants offer a comfortable replacement with no pain or discomfort

The implant surgery is performed under local anaesthetic and offers a short recovery time following the procedure. For those patients worried about the effects following surgery, fear not, as patients rarely feel any pain. In some instances, patients may experience minor discomfort, and should they encounter any of these symptoms we recommend prescribing some over-the-counter medication in the form of painkillers.

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