Dentures: options from our dentist in Ipswich


Dentures are far from a one-size-fits-all solution; every set made is unique for the patient, but there are completely different implementations at our dentist in Ipswich to suit the different medical or even aesthetic needs. Let’s find out more!

Dentures have an image problem, and although they are the longest and probably most common prosthetic helping people get through their day, they are also often seen as an older person’s preoccupation and, therefore, a sign of age and all that comes with it.

False teeth are not the universal pink-gum plastic choppers you might imagine. Most modern false teeth fly entirely under the radar, and their uses are unlikely to advertise that they are using a denture or partial denture, so the modern false teeth go unnoticed by design.

Full set

A full set of dentures can be intimidating, but it’s the most complete solution to a wide range of dental issues. Not only do they resolve any cavities and gaps, but they also circumvent the orthodontic needs and provide sparkling straight pearly whites. This can be a big upgrade from your natural teeth that have endured a lot of wear and tear.

The biggest drawback is the rubbing that can occur when they are very ill-fitting. This can be overcome with re-fittings and measurements before the denture is fabricated, but it is a greater problem in those with a loss of jaw bone volume (bone atrophied) from an extended period of having no teeth or very few teeth.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures can either be permanently fixed or removable at our dentist in Ipswich, containing anywhere between 2 to 4 false teeth.

Removable bridges are much easier to clean and replace if damaged, but they have the downside that they are likely to move about on the gums. Fixed bridges resolve this by being wired to the surrounding healthy teeth at either end of the bridge; this locks them in place, preventing rocking but complicates their cleaning process. Sometimes food particles and debris get caught underneath them.

If partial dentures are likely to be on display (as in affecting the front teeth), it is worth the extra effort to aesthetically match any remaining teeth, particularly the ones that will be adjacent, along with your gum’s shade and texture. We endeavour to provide a seamless transition from your healthy natural teeth to your prosthetic, allowing you to wear them with confidence.

Implant-immobilised prosthetics

Using dental implants in combination with a denture allows patients to experience a rock-steady denture without any gum rubbing that feels integrally part of them and without the prohibitive cost of a full set of individually implanted crowns.

At our dentist in Ipswich, the patient groups most likely to have an immobilised denture are the youngest and oldest denture users who wish their dentures to be compatible with their lifestyle and even those who have used dentures for some time and want a more comfortable option.

Due to the titanium implants, they are the most invasive form of denture stabilisation and may not be suitable for all patients.

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