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Unmatched service at affordable prices

Here at Ipswich Dental Surgery, we feel that everyone should be able to benefit from the good that an experienced and qualified dental practitioner can bring to your smile – and that nobody should feel that getting the smile of their dreams is something they cannot afford. This is why we are a dentist in Ipswich who offers our patient’s the absolute highest standard of cosmetic and restorative dental care at affordable prices so that everyone can attain the smile of their dreams.

What can a dentist in Ipswich offer?

We provide our patient’s simple and easy access to a broad variety of dental treatments, techniques and methodologies here at Ipswich Dental Surgery, ranging from general dentistry treatments such as NHS care, dental check-ups, oral extractions, crowns and bridges, to more cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening, composite bonding, dental implants, veneers and smile makeovers.

For any new patients who are looking to make a positive change to their oral health, we recommend arranging for an initial private check-up with one of our highly skilled dental hygiene experts. These check-ups should ideally be carried out every six months or so – or, for lower-risk patients, every twelve months.

At Ipswich Dental Surgery when new patients come to our dentist in Ipswich for their initial private check-up we will not only carry out a full oral examination of their teeth and gum health – as well as screening for any signs of oral cancer – but will also conduct a full intraoral exam. This is a more in-depth type of dental examination that is specifically aimed at identifying any early signs of tooth decay or degraded or worn-down teeth.

However, our initial dental exam for new patients doesn’t stop there, as we will also use our initial meeting as a jumping-off point to which we can create a bespoke and tailored treatment plan which is unique to every patient. These plans will consider factors such as a patient’s lifestyle choices, diet and dental ambitions and are a great way for our team to fast track you towards getting the right oral care for your needs.

Alongside this consultation and creation of a unique treatment plan, we will also take 2 x-rays of your teeth and jaw to have a far more in-depth picture of the amount of work you’ll need and how best our skill sets could be applied to achieve the best results for your smile.

What can be done for missing teeth?

At Ipswich Dental Surgery we know the pressures and pains that having one or multiple missing teeth can bring to patients of all ages – both within how it impacts their lives orally and socially. This is why we are one of the only dental practices in the Ipswich area to offer our patient’s the revolutionary All-on-4 dental implant system which can create an entirely new smile for anyone who has lost multiple teeth in just one sitting.

Not only can this have a highly uplifting effect on your self-esteem and appearance, but can also save you money as it is up to 60% cheaper than replacing lost teeth through the conventional single-implant method. Anyone that wishes to discover more about the All-On-4 system need only get in contact with our staff here at Ipswich Dental Surgery today and arrange to speak with an expert.