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Teeth straightening Ipswich

Think teeth straightening is for teens only? Think again! An increasing number of adults are opting for it now. Despite long feeling uncomfortable with their smile, the sheer thought of metal braces had deterred them in the past. People above 30 account for just under 50% of our Invisalign® Treatments at our dental practice in Ipswich.

The fact that modern braces are removable, discreet and nearly invisible has made them socially acceptable. With plenty of readily available choices like Invisalign®, Inman Aligner™, Quick Straight Teeth and clear braces, we find more and more people over 18 are asking about these. 

But why should you want to have your teeth straightened anyway?

A perfect smile – Having perfect straight teeth and a bright smile is the top reason why people consider cosmetic dental treatments at Ipswich Dental Surgery. Crooked and wonky teeth cause people to hide their smile or smile less frequently; no wonder people yearn for a well aligned smile.

Cleaner teeth –  Just ask anybody who has ever had braces or misaligned teeth, how hard it is to floss and clean between the teeth. It’s important to keep teeth clean at all times through flossing – it helps prevent gum disease. Straighter teeth are more natural to clean as there are fewer places for plaque to hide.

I’ve had braces when I was young. My teeth have started to move back. Can I still have adult braces?

Yes, many patients whose teeth have relapsed into old position due to not wearing retainers come to us to get their teeth straightened. We will assess to ensure that clear braces are a suitable treatment option for you.

Is it okay to have adult braces again?

Yes, you can have braces more than once. In fact, many adults we treat wore braces when they were younger but their teeth moved back through not wearing a retainer after treatment. An assessment is required to make sure you are suitable for the adult braces.

I want a straight smile! Tell me more!

For people who wish to straighten teeth, our private dentists offer various solutions such as removable aligners, clear braces or ceramic braces. 

Here at Ipswich Dental Surgery, we’ve helped our patients from Ipswich, Woodbridge, and Felixstowe to straighten their teeth in as little as three months. Whether you wish to rectify a single tooth, front teeth or other issues such as overcrowding or overbite, we are here, so give us a call on 01473 253870 or email

Payal Bhalla, our clinical lead provides all our straightening treatments. With her knowledge and experience of Invisible braces, she has been recognized as an Elite Invisalign® provider in recognition of commitment to the Invisalign® Go System, one of the few in Suffolk.

Teeth straightening options

Invisalign® Braces are not the only teeth straightening system. We offer a choice of four methods to straighten your teeth to ensure you choose the best teeth straightening treatment for your concerns.

  1. One or two misaligned teeth – clear aligners
  2. Front or bottom teeth (four teet) – Inman Speed Braces
  3. Whole arches – Invisalign® braces or Quick Straight teeth ceramic braces.

Why Choose Us?

  • Invisalign® Elite Provider – one of the few in Ipswich & Suffolk
  • Very experienced – 100+ Invisalign® cases in the last year
  • Complimentary consultation (£50 deposit; refunded after consultation)
  • All aligners & retainer included in treatment
  • All appointments included – we won’t charge you for additional appointments. Complimentary aftercare appointments
  • Affordable prices, 0% interest
  • Google 5 Star rated – 100+ Google reviews
  • Flexible appointments – early morning, lunchtime, late evenings, Saturday appointments