To date, our reduction method remains the treatment of choice for wrinkles and facial lines in the UK. At Ipswich Dental Surgery, we recommend the upper third of the face where the desired effect can be had.

Anti-Wrinkle injections are not permanent. The treatment will last for usually 3-4 months and can be re-done to maintain the effect.

We also offer dermal fillers in Ipswich. Book your consultation today to discover how we can help you rejuvenate your skin. Dermal fillers are another form of a cosmetic treatment that is used to fill creases and wrinkles in the skin. Dermal Fillers are widely used to increase/plump up the lips and cheeks.

Anti Wrinkle Ipswich

Frequently Asked Questions

Anti-Wrinkle injections are a naturally occurring protein that causes the muscles of the face to relax and soften, subsequently smoothing out wrinkles. It is most effective on Forehead Lines, wrinkles around the eyes – Crow’s Feet and frown lines.

While it is pre-dominantly used by thousands of men and women alike who have frown lines on their face, it can also be used to address migraines, heavy sweating. We currently do not offer anti-wrinkle treatment for migraine or heavy sweating but watch this space.

The treatment will involve our certified provider dentist, Payal who starts with making a series of small injections into the muscles of your face,which only takes a few minutes. Our treatment of choice is supplied by Allergan.

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