Emergency Tooth Extraction

Teeth are an integral part of the Human anatomy and can generally last a life time with right care and hygiene. However, sometimes the damage/infection may be so severe that the only option is to remove the tooth.

This often means concern for patients due to a Gap in teeth, difficulty in chewing, difficulty in speech. We understand it is a traumatic experience to have a tooth removed, that’s why before any extraction we discuss all the options to save the tooth or to replace the extracted tooth. Our dentist are able to present and execute various treatment options such as dentures, bridges and Implants.

We can even pre-fabricate these for the day of extraction so you leave our Surgery with a temporary solution.

Top Tip

Ask for our private white filling as it is aesthetically better and carries a warranty for 24 months – double of what you get on NHS.

Average Treatment Times

45-60 Minutes

Number of Treatments

1 – 2



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Frequently Asked Questions

No. With the right anaesthetic, you will be numbed by our dentist for this procedure. You will not feel anything apart from a lot of push and pull! Our dentist explains you the whole procedure and administers the anaesthetic, however, if there is even a slight feeling of pain, you can indicate to the dentist by a simple raise of the hand. Our dentist will administer more anaesthetic if required.

Yes. We carry out the treatments with local anaesthesia, which doesn’t have sedative properties. After the treatment, you can return to normal activities such as work. We advise against any strenuous physical activity such as Gym, Sports as it can induce excessive bleeding and delay the healing process.

The dentist will explain you the full instructions after treatment and explain the precautions to be taken. With all precautions exercised, you can expect the healing within a week. If the extraction area gets infected it may take longer.


Top Tip – Ask our team for an appointment at end of day/Late evening so you don’t’ have to get back to work and can go home and rest.

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