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Unexpected Tooth Pain or broken tooth, need emergency dentist appointment in Ipswich? Call our Dental Practice now.

At Ipswich Dental Surgery, we understand these times can be stressful and we endeavour to be as flexible as possible. During opening hours, please call the practice and we will aim to put you at ease and alleviate the pain.

We will try our best to ensure you leave pain-free. Depending on the severity of the issue, if we are unable to relieve the pain on the same day, treatment will be provided over the next few days.

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Ask for our private white filling as it is aesthetically better and carries a warranty for 24 months – double of what you get on NHS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Knocking out a tooth is a medical emergency.

Try not to panic. Call us immediately to get an emergency appointment. In case of a knocked out tooth it is imperative to get it reimplant in to the socket at the earliest. The quicker you can see the dentist, the better it is; as the moment, the tooth is knocked out, the cells on the root of tooth begin to die.

The tooth should be held carefully by the crown, please avoid handling the root as it can damage the cells. The best chance for a successful re-implant is within the first 30 minutes, with chances still good for up to two hours. Call us immediately to get an emergency appointment.

A lost tooth can cause difficulty in chewing, speaking, re-alignment of remaining teeth, weakening of Jaw Bone. Top-Tip : Don’t allow the tooth to get dry by cleaning the tooth in cold water or soak it in milk.

This should be treated immediately as if left unattended, the cracks may develop and further damage the tooth and lead to pronounced pain, sensitivity to cold/hot foods and liquids.

Minor chips and fractures can be smoothed by us, in case of severe damage, other treatments are available such as Root Canal Treatment, Crowns, Inlay and tooth colored fillings.

Paracetamol can provide some pain relief temporarily till the time you see us. Call Here to book an appointment.

Top Tip – If you play any contact sports, wearing a mouth guard can help protect your teeth from any potential injuries and trauma. Call us now to take advice on which type of mouth guard is best for you.

***Availability can be limited and NHS Dental care may not always be available due to government contract restrictions. For availability please call us on 01473 253870.

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