The most widely used orthodontic treatment option is the conventional metal braces – a Great Value for money option. Our teeth do not develop in a uniform manner and develop different positions and angles which lead to misaligned teeth, Gaps, teeth bites and various other dental problems.

Metal braces are a great choice to realign the positioning of teeth by applying gentle force over a time period. Over a period of time, the metal braces have evolved to become more “sightly” and easier to maintain. If the appearance of teeth is a concern, we offer other treatment options such as Invisible braces.

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Concerned about the appearance of metal braces? Ask us about invisible braces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Metal braces deliver quick results and are great value for money option.

Depending on the severity of misalignment 6 to 24 months.

Given they are fixed and can’t be removed during treatment, it is paramount to maintain a good oral cleaning. Hygienist should be visited regularly to have a thorough clean.

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