Dentures have been used for many years as a conventional option to replace teeth. At Ipswich Dental Surgery, we offer different types of dentures to fit your personal need.

Dentures are a great Value for money option for people who can’t or don’t want to have implants. Our Dental surgery in Ipswich offers acrylic dentures, cobalt chrome dentures, and flexi-dentures.

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Top Tip

Ask your dentist for metal dentures for a more comfortable, and longer lasting solution.

Average Treatment Times

45-60 Minutes

Number of Treatments

1 – 2



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Frequently Asked Questions

Dentures are a great value for money option to replace missing teeth. You can also have partial dentures to replace one or few missing teeth.

No, they are very easy to maintain but do require great hygiene. Our recommendation is to remove dentures while sleeping to relax your gums.

Once fitted and you have worn them for a few days, please ask your dentist to adjust them as it could be as simple as a high-spot.

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