Dental Veneers

Veneers are a great treatment option for stained, chipped and crooked teeth. Veneers are made from porcelain and are tooth coloured. It is basically a thin version of a crown which can be attached to the front of your tooth. Think a false finger nail !!

Veneers can be applied on a single or a few teeth and are an excellent way of masking discolouration, contouring and being able to straighten teeth. When applied to a full set of teeth, they are called – Smile Makeovers.

The procedure is extremely straightforward and is a great way to have the smile you want. For best veneers in Ipswich, call us today!

Top Tip

Veneers are a great option to improve discoloured or stained teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Veneers are made of Porcelain and are used for a chipped tooth, discoloured tooth and to cover small gaps. This treatment provides great flexibility as you can choose a precise shade of porcelain to match your tooth colour.

Veneering is an extremely straightforward process and is not painful at all.

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